Classic Player- publishing to Review site and it's re-sizing to be wide screen?

At a loss- can't think of what could cause this.  I had published this class before and player looked fine- now when I publish it's outputing as though it's widescreen.  I checked the story file size it's set to 4:3.  No menu or sidebar set in player.  Using the classic, built-in player.  Checked master slides- nothing funky there...Any ideas?

Only difference between publishing is I updated Storyline 360....

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kristy!  Do you have any custom player setups on any of the slides?  The Player will leave room for features if they are enabled on any slide.  That means you'll see blank player space where the features aren't enabled.  Do a quick scan of your slide properties on each of your slides and see if you notice anything different there.

I'm happy to help if you'd like to share your project file here too!  You can send it privately if it has sensitive information.