Clients having trouble seing text displayed and also having audio delays in Review platform

Jun 18, 2020


I published a Storyline course in Review to be check by my client and her team but they are having issues when reviewing them as some text are not showing up, delays in the audio or text just coming up late on the timeline.

I checked the storyline files and they work on both of my computers and I also can see them on Review without any issues, so I am wondering what can be the problem?

Many Thanks,


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Ren Gomez

Hi Irene,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what your clients are running into! You may want to try following up with them to see if they are on the latest version of their browser, or if they can try a different browser to see if they get different results.

Please review these systems requirements for viewing courses in Review 360:

Let us know if any of these tips help!

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