Closed Captions Get Hung Up

Several of my reviewers comments that sometimes the captions freeze. Sometimes they stop appearing. Sometimes when you turn them on and then off again, they no longer appear at all.

I have three reviews of the same program reporting the same behavior. However, I can not replicate this at all. The captions run perfect for me.

Has this happened to you?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Greg, I have not seen this happen so  I  have more questions then answers for you at this point. So here goes!

1. Which version of Storyline did you use to create the course and what publish format are you using?

2. Do you know what browsers and operating systems your clients who reported the problem were using? 

3. Are you using the player cc button to show/hide captions or are you using a custom button?

4. What font are you using for the captions.

5. How much captioning is on a single slide (I.e., duration of audio or video on the slide).

6. Are there any special characters in the captions?

if you can provide answers to these questions it may help isolate the problem.




Greg Davis

Hi Nancy:

1. SL 360 v3.12.14647.0

2. I don't know, but am checking

3. Yes, using the player cc button

4. Arial

5. It varies, nothing too terribly long

6. No special characters

I did get this response from Support this morning. "We found an issue with using closed captions in an audio where in it will not show up if you are viewing the HTML5 version of the course. I have submitted it to our Quality Assurance Team for further investigation."

Articulate REVIEW publishes HTML5/FLASH. I'm going to publish the actual course FLASH/HTML5 and see if I can bide time before the fix comes out.