Commenting without an Articulate ID - users that used to have an ID


I frequently use Review for gathering feedback on my Storyline projects from non-articulate-using colleagues and customers, and I have encountered a recurring issue. I always have the "Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment" checked, but Review still asks for Articulate IDs (not only an email, which should be the case) from my colleagues and customers.

In most cases, the user I share Review link with used to have an Articulate ID, but do not use it anymore and do not want to use it either.  For example, one person from the customer side used to have an account approximately three years ago, and does not want to retrieve it.

So our mutual hope is that they would only have to enter their email and get to comment. How can my colleagues and customers, who have previously used an Articulate ID, get the Review to only ask for their email, not the Articulate ID? Can emptying some browser cache etc. help with this?

One person from the customer side was not able to comment, although she never had an Articulate ID, but I am not certain if the application asked for the Articulate ID or just the email.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Irina,

Thank you for reaching out!

Since some of the reviewers do have an Articulate ID tied to their email address, they'll be prompted to enter their password. Since this setting is for users without an Articulate ID to make comments on Review 360, those that have an existing Articulate ID will continue to see that prompt.  

We have a great resource on this here.