Courses not loading in Review


I really need to get some courses loaded and available in Review but every time I publish one there it will not play. I have now tried this with new modules as well as older modules that I have previously published and view through Review and I get the same screen every time.

It doesn't matter whether I use Explorer or Chrome, the same thing happens as seen on the screenshot attached.



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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Dan! Really sorry you've come across that spinning wheel.

I see you also opened a support case where my teammate, Gren, has been assigned your case – nice move!

Out of curiosity, what authoring tool are you using to upload to Review? Also, can you publish and view other formats, such as Web or LMS? If you can share any of those files with Gren for testing, we'd love to give it a go on our side! Here's the unique upload link from your case to send it privately.

You should hear back from her shortly, and I'll also follow along in your case!