Courses not publishing to Review 360

Jul 16, 2020

Hi all
4 of us have now tried to publish 2 courses to Review 360, which fails towards the end, advising to check internet connection.
As it is 4 different people, different locations, some on wifi and some connected by ethernet, I would be surprised if it is genuinely internet connection...
They are bulky courses, with high imagery, video and audio included - is there a maximum storyline file size that can be published to Review 360?
We have published to LMS and that works fine.
Any advice will be appreciated.
Many thanks

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Katie Riggio

Hi Chris,

I appreciate you sharing what's going on, and great question!

Is there a size limit for projects published to Articulate 360 for Review 360?

The maximum size for each published project is 5 GB.

If the file size is smaller than 5 GB, our Support Engineers are a click away through the link below. They can test it and let you know what they find!

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