Delete a NEWLY uploaded review version

Jan 10, 2019

Help! I mistakenly uploaded the wrong version when I published as a new version of an existing item. How do I delete this new version so I can upload the correct one?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Debra!

While there isn't a way to delete an older version of an item in Articulate Review, you can republish the correct version using one of these options:

  • Create a new item: With this option, you'll create a new item in Articulate Review with a new URL. The old version of the course won't carry over. 
  • Publish a new version of an existing item: With this option, the newest version will appear on the same URL. You'll only be able to see the old version by clicking the Current Version dropdown at the top of the page. 

Would one of those options work for you?

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