Direct link to Rise from Review 360?

Dec 02, 2020


Is there a way to go directly from a Review link to the related Rise? The opposite than "REVIEW> View in Review 360" when we are on Rise.

If not, would it be possible to add a button visible only for the creator of the Rise content? On the "..." submenu for example?

Best regards,

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Joyce!

It sounds like you're looking for a way to find the corresponding Rise 360 course for editing from the published Review 360 output. Is that right?

If yes, I've got an idea for the course creator and publisher to explore:

  • Copy the project name in the Review 360 link, and then go to your Rise 360 dashboard. There, press Control+F (or Command+F if on a Mac) and paste that text to search. The website will highlight the associated Rise 360 course if the title wasn't changed.

If that's not it, could you share more context around your goal? With a bit more insight, we'll point you to the right path!

Leslie McKerchie

You're correct, Joyce. There is not a direct link from Review 360 back to editing a Rise 360 course.

It would be great if you could share the workflow where you would use this feature so that our team could best understand what you would like to see. You can share your idea and thoughts directly with our team here.