Displaying Web Objects in Review 360

Jul 09, 2020

I have a Storyline 360 course that has animations inserted in as Web Objects. I am able to view the animations in the content with no problem when I publish out an LMS version of the course. When I publish from Storyline straight to Review 360, the animations do not load or load intermittently. 

MS Edge - Animations to don't show.

IE - Animations either do not show, show an error message, or may actually load.


Is there something that I'm doing incorrectly or a specific browser that I need to be using to make this work. Maybe some browser settings?


Thanks in advance.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Sade,

Happy to help! This article is a good starting point to help you review what may be causing the issues. 

I'd focus on the section where the hosting website may be insecure. As Review 360 is a secure website, if your web objects start with HTTP and not HTTPS, that may be the reason why they're not displaying correctly.

Let me know what you find as you continue to troubleshoot!

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