eLearning Challenge #199

Hi! I am just starting out with the eLearning Challenges. I am not going in order, I am picking ones that are easy for a novice to do until I feel comfortable doing more advanced ones. I am in the process of building a portfolio and I feel completing some of the challenges will be great for me.  Fell free to check out the one I just did: 

eLearning Challenge #199: https://community.articulate.com/articles/tabs-interactions/ 

Example: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/5aeda98a-d27c-464b-a725-5094d28bbd84/review 

Sidenote: Does anyone know why the slide color changes when I preview it in Review360? The colors of my slides are darker in Review360 than what I have in Storyline. 


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Ren Gomez

Hi Shakis,

Taking on E-Learning Challenges are a great way to build your portfolio! That's odd that your slides would look darker in Review 360 than what you see in Storyline 360.

If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, otherwise you can share it privately with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look to see why this is happening!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Shakis!

Thank you for sharing your file! It looks like the color of the Slide Master's background is what you're seeing in Review 360. I'd recommend changing the background in the Slide Masters to match the color you've picked on the slide.

I made these changes to your project and attached the updated version to this reply. If you want to see how I made these changes, click here!