Erratic behaviour from published Articulate courses


I'm feeling very frustrated lately.  Is anyone else having their students experiencing erratic bahaviours from the published Articulate courses? My team and I have spent HOURS on creating a quality course using Studio 13 over the past 2 years.  In the past few months we are getting lots of student complaints that slides are freezing or skipping to further ahead sections.  The published program was specially programmed to not allow students to skip!   There shouldn't be any of this activity happening.  I would like to know if others are experiencing these issues as we are about to launch anther major course that was created using Articulate but we can't afford to have our business reputation go down because of Articulate.  Any support would be greatly appreciated. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karen,

I'm glad you reached out. Two years working on a course is a long time, but we are here to support you.

  • Are you able to replicate the behavior that your learners are experiencing?
  • Are you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud or is the issue limited to your LMS?
  • Any common environment/browser that may be the culprit?
  • Is it a particular part of the course?
Karen Tyrell

Hello Leslie.

There is a team at Articulate helping me now. The behaviours are random on
both LMS and the internet.

Last I heard this morning is that it may be some kind of bug?!

Problems are occurring at different parts within the course, so it's been
hard to figure out the root cause.

I really hope we can sort this as I want to be able to continue with our
work and not be so afraid to let others pay for this's not
professional if they encounter these issues.

Karen :)