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Aug 10, 2019

Hi there

As a new user, I have one more question about 360 Review. Thus far when publishing courses for the LMS, I publish from within Storyline. Then I zip the published file and send to our systems analyst for LMS upload. I see that 360 Review offers an option to publish to LMS. Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of publishing from within 360 Review vs. from within Storyline 360? Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Emily,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your question.

It sounds like you are publishing your content correctly.

You will not be able to publish your Storyline 360 course from Review to an LMS. This feature is specific to videos you created with Replay 360 or Peek 360. These videos can be exported directly from Review 360 as an LMS package. You can read here for additional details.

Publishing your Storyline 360 project for LMS and zipping for your team to upload is the recommended process :)


Vincent Scoma

Hi Jason,

Great question! 

To change the seekbar parameters, this can be accomplished in the Player Settings: 

  1. Open your player properties by going to the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon and clicking Player.
  2. Under the Controls section, mark the Seekbar box near the bottom of the window, then use the corresponding drop-down list to select how learners interact with the seekbar:
  3. Click OK to save your changes and you are all set! 

You can find more details about the Player Features in our user guide here!  

Todd Smyth

I think Vincent (above) gave the answer on how to restrict the seek-bar using Storyline 360 and this is the only way to easily make sure it is restricted. However, you have to insert the video into a Storyline project to do this.

The LMS publishing for videos in Review 360, creates a single HTML5 package, which accepts the defaults of your LMS. So things like seek bar and autoplay are up to how your LMS and LMS video player is setup. This is required to meet Section 508 compliance. It is possible there is a way to restrict the seek bar if you know how to modify the index.html file that is created (or javascript?) but there is no easy setting to do this using Review 360 video Export to LMS.

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