Feature Request

Oct 05, 2017


My team and I are working with Articulate Review and would like to make a feature request.

We've noticed that every time someone makes a comment, we receive a notification saying "There's a new comment in Name of the Training]. However, there's no reference whatsoever of where the comment was made. It would be really useful to have a link redirect you to the new comment that was made, because at the moment we find ourselves looking for the new comments manually.


The Backbase E-Learning Team

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Team,

When you see the notification email, you should be able to click on the title of the course and be brought right to the page where all the feedback is shown. The little blue dot that you'll see it the top left corner (next to a persons name) is the indication that it's new and unread and you should also see the feedback marker indicating any new comments:


If you navigate to that page, all your comments will be listed from newest to oldest. Does that help? Or are you seeing a lot of comments at once, so even that page is hard to look through? 

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