Error regarding: File name too long when publishing to Review

Any one get this issue with publishing a course to Review?

"The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less that 260 characters, and the director name must be less that 248 characters."

I've resaved the course to my local drive.  I've renamed it.  Tried to republish several ways and I keep getting the same error message.

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Christian Abraham

I am having the same issue with a PowerPoint file I am trying to publish to Review with Articulate Presenter 360 (a local Web publish works fine though). I put the file and the output folder in the root of my C drive, but it still didn't work. This PPT file has been around the block with upgrades to PowerPoint and Presenter, so judging from the fix above, it sounds like the issue has to do with older versions of a file not playing nice with the latest version of Presenter. I don't have time to rebuild the file, but good to know a new file is a possible fix in the future.

I also had issues with older Engage files in the same course when I upgraded Studio 360 last week. They were working in a previous version of 360, but not working right when opened in the latest build of Engage, or published with the latest version of Presenter. I just rebuilt the interactions as slides in the PPT deck for now.

Alyssa Gomez

Sorry that's slowing you down, Christian! We definitely wouldn't expect you to hit these roadblocks when upgrading a file. If you'd like us to take a closer look, feel free to send us a copy of the original (older version) Articulate Package, and we'll test the upgrade on our end. 

Let me know if you decide to open a case, and I'll follow along!

Shane Jeffery

Hi Leslie.  

It was working well but now my workaround is no longer a workaround.  I have added some questions and now it doesn't upload to Articulate Review at all.  Even when I copy and paste it to a new PowerPoint file. 

I've even saved it to my desktop to reduce the path as a test to see if the issue was on my end. It's not,

It does however, publish as a scorm object without any issues.

Any thoughts? 

 *update  I have submitted the offending file to Articulate support.  case number 01129632*

Christian Abraham

Quick follow up... Thank you Alyssa for the offer for support. I was able to get the course out successfully. We are going to rebuild the course from scratch next time around since the files are so beat up. 

One oddity I encountered during troubleshooting was when I saved new versions of the PPTX file, new PPTA files were not created. Any changes I made to Articulate functionality in the file I created using Save As reverted back to the previous PPTA file. For example: I saved course_v03.pptx as course_v04.pptx and the course_v04.ppta was never created. Everything I did in the v04.pptx seemed to fall back to the v03.ppta.

Similar to Shane, I also tried copying and pasting slides into a new deck and that didn't work either. I believe the source PPTX was in bad shape behind the scenes and may have been part of the cause of the issue. For example, spell check was marking words spelled correctly as misspelled, but only text in text boxes designated as Title boxes in the master slide. Spell check worked correctly everywhere else. This indicates to me there was something off in the PPTX file, which would make sense it had been through so many upgrades and opened on multiple versions of PPT on different machines. I think copying and pasting just brought the broken code over into the new file.

So far though, everything else is working fine. Thanks for the quick replies and offer for support.