First time with Review: questions about functionality (approvals/disapprovals, comments about comments, etc.)

Feb 10, 2017

I'm building a Storyline course for a client (we'll call Client A) who is producing the course for another client (Client B). Client B is using Review to provide feedback on the course. Is it possible for Client A to visually "green light/red light" the changes Client B is suggesting before I make them? Is is possible for me and Client A to make comments to Client B's comments without Client B being able to see them? If this type of functionality is not (yet?) available in Review, has anyone developed their own process for vetting comments made in Review before taking action on them?

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Leslie McKerchie

Sounds like an interesting need/set-up Chris, and I appreciate you sharing.

Seems to be the opposite of what we shared in our collaboration section of this article, where we were excited about removing the course developer from being the middle-man and allowing the feedback to be in context.

I invite you to share your thoughts with our product development team here and I'm curious if others have identified a workable solution for vetting comments in this way.

We do have the the option to mark comments as resolved as you can see in this documentation, but l understand you are needing a bit more.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Oh, good idea Tristan! The email comments would only appear to Client A if Client B was commenting on something that Client A was mentioned on/tagged in. Otherwise if everyone is commenting on the same file, you as the author/owner of the Review course would get the email notifications and no one else. 

If you're at all concerned Chris, I'd look at publishing it a second time just so that if you do tag someone they're not included in all the subsequent comments.

Ren Gomez

Hi Gabriela,

Happy to help provide you with some resources! This getting started video is a great introduction to see all the features available in Review 360:

You specifically asked about accessing previous versions. This user guide has more details on where to find that. Hope this helps!

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