Getting comments on review 360 from people who don't have articulate

Hello, I have been sending Review 360 to people in my organization who need to review the content. So far it has not been a problem but with a recent project some people are telling me that they cannot leave comments without having an articulate account. The only way I see to create an articulate account is to sign up for a free trial. How do they sign up so they can leave comments on my review 360 courses? I'm sure it's something simple, but I am missing it. 


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Ren Gomez

Hi Holly,

Thanks for reaching out! Two things may be in play here:

1. Allowing users without an AID to comment: When you publish a file to Review 360, you'll need to click on the Share tab in the upper right-hand corner, and be sure to check the box to Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment.

If that's set up correctly, then possibly:

2. Your reviewers are clicking on the Sign-In button instead of directly on the comment box to enter their email and begin commenting. The Sign-In will take them to an Articulate ID page.

Let me know if you're still running into the issue after this, and we'll take a closer look!

Harm Schoenmakers

Good morning Ren,

I was looking for an explanation for the same problem when I found this post. I tried your solution, but somehow it doesn't matter if we check or uncheck the box for Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment. People just can't comment if they don't login.

We never encountered this problem before.  Any ideas?





Ren Gomez

Hi Harm,

Thanks so much for following up on this, as I discovered an error in my last post and edited it!

To help clarify with commenting in Review 360, users will need to use an email no matter if they have an Articulate ID or not, so they can receive notifications on replies. 

Can you check the more button (...) to see if you have disabled comments? That might be why only the Sign In button is coming up!

Harm Schoenmakers

Hi Ren,

Thanks for the reply. I already found the problem. When me and my colleagues were asked to login before we could give any comments, we forgot that all our email addresses are linked to Articulate accounts. And then login is always required. When I tried my personal email address it went straight back to the comment box without asking for login. I think we never encountered this issue before because we were always logged in automatically. And for some reason last week we weren't.  Anyway, problem solved. Thanks again!