Glitches in Articulate Review

Hi All,

I really like the idea of Articulate Review, but there seem to be some glitches. Check out this project:

In the slide, Operating Activities, the button View Statements goes to a blank layer, with no way to return to the base layer.

I've attached a project file. When I run a web publish and post in Blackboard, the interaction works as designed.

Thanks for your attention to this!


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Crystal Horn

Hi Lars!  I saw the same thing as you did with your project: The Operating Activities slide didn't correctly show the Statements layer.  When I opened your .story file and republished to my own account, it appeared correctly.  Have a look here.

Have you found similar inconsistent results?  Did you try republishing for Articulate Review?  I always expect it to publish properly the first time, but I'm curious if something happened during the publishing process in this particular situation.