Importing SL3 files into SL360 and Uploading to Articulate Review

Hypothetical question that I'm sure more than one person will run into.

You have a client. Said client is using SL3. They realize they don't have the time or skill to complete the project. They send you the file. You have a SL360 licence. You open and make edits in SL360... Now:

Can you upload the file to Articulate Review to get your client's feedback?

If this is answered elsewhere, my apologies. Just spent 45 minutes going through threads and didn't find this answer (lots of questions on the SL3 SL360 relationship :-)

Thanks for your help,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Clint, 

Yes, you can! We released a feature in Articulate 360 to streamline the feedback process. Now you can collect feedback from any client, even if they don't already have an Articulate ID. They'll just be prompted to enter their email address to post comments. If their email address is tied to an Articulate ID and if they aren't already signed in, they'll also be prompted for their password.

Let me know if you have other questions!