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Hi All,

Just wondering if I'm missing something here. As it stands, when we do our internal QA of a course we publish an Internal Review link that is only sent out to our internal team. Once we have all the bugs sorted we then publish an External Review link to send to the client. We of course do this so the client isn't hounded by unending emails while we sort things out, and we're not bothered by them commenting on items not yet completely resolved. Is this currently the best solution?

I would love to be able to have a single link for both internal and external, but be able to specify which version is for external viewing.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Nathan! It sounds like you've got a good process going, and I'm curious to hear how other folks in the community handle the stakeholder review workflow.

You mentioned you'd prefer to use a single link. Would this process work for your team?

  • Publish the content to Review 360.
  • Review the course internally, make comments, and resolve comments.
  • Publish a new version of an existing item to keep the same URL.
  • Share the URL with external stakeholders.

Keep in mind that external stakeholders will only receive email notifications for a project when other reviewers reply to their comments or @mention them. They can also mute the project if they prefer not to receive any emails. 

Let me know what you think!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Nathan. Thanks for this additional context!

With your insight in mind, could this flow work for you and your team? :

  1. Follow Alyssa's steps for a single Review 360 URL.
  2. After reviewing the course internally, Disable Comments for the project and share the link with the client.
  3. Re-Enable Comments for the project to gather their thoughts and then choose the disable option. 

More on disable and re-enable-ing comments here. It's a bit of toggling, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts as well as the community's!

Nathan Wieler

Unfortunately that does not solve my issue. The problem really comes from not being able to have any control over what content reviewers can see, and when. I can't disable comments from, or notifications to, specific users who may be accessing the link. Even being able to select a specific version as public, and being able to approve certain users to view all versions, would solve this issue.