Issue "Articulate 360 is Temporarily Unavailable"

When trying to publishe a course to Articulate 360 review from Articulate Storyline 360, I get an error message that says "Articulate 360 is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later." A co-worker is getting the same issue. I am signed into Articulate 360 and I can still access the courses that are already uploaded. IT confirms it is not an internet connectivity issue. 

All my articulate 360 products are fully updated. I was not having this issue last week.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Costin, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

It looks like your error is a bit different, but I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of why you may not be seeing the browser login as expected.

To help you understand why you see this redirect message:

Articulate 360 Desktop App: Browser-Based Sign-In Experience

Now, to get you back up and running:

Ask your network administrator to allow communication over port 443 and add these domains to your allowlist. The following explains the common reasons you may experience difficulty signing in:

Articulate 360 Desktop App: Can't Sign In