Issue with next button triggers on Articulate Review

We have a module that was created in Storyline 2 that needed some updates in content. We made the adjustments in Storyline 360, then uploaded the module to test it in Articulate Review. In Articulate Review, we have had some issues with some of the triggers. Specifically, any trigger that changes the next button from disabled to enabled is very finicky. By finicky, I mean that sporadically the next button will not become enabled. This is not always replicated, but has been replicated enough that it is an issue. Additionally, the slides where this has been reported as an issue are often different, which leads us to believe it is either 1) an issue with Articulate Review, or 2) the file has been corrupted in some sort of fashion where these triggers are not 100% reliable, possibly due to the transition from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Greg DeLaere


Thank you for your help. I commented on the slide where I experienced trouble (though this is not a slide I experienced issues with before).

After clicking on the three buttons that need to be clicked on to set the next button to enabled, the next button was not enabled. However, another state change that is associated with the enablement of the next button did occur. So I am at a loss as to why this would be occurring.

Thank you!
Greg DeLaere

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Greg,

Thanks for your comment on the Review link.

For continuity purposes, you commented on Slide 5.2:

I'm not seeing an issue on the first pass as you can see in my quick recording here (I paused recording a few times so that this was easy to view).

I do see an issue, however, if I go back to this slide.

It's because the timeline is starting over, and you have the Next button set to be disabled when the timeline starts.

A few conditions on this should help:

I believe that may be the inconsistency you are seeing.

I hope that helps :)

Greg DeLaere

OK, we want the learner to be able to click through all 3 before advancing, so instead of “AND” I am going with “OR”. But this fix appears to be working, so thank you!

For clarification and future use: do you know why there was an inconsistency? To me it seems like it should either work or not work. And it seems like it should’ve worked because triggers are read top down, and the further down trigger should’ve corrected the above trigger.

Thank you again!

Greg DeLaere