Limit to how many times reviewers can view a module?

Mar 23, 2017

Hi, I published to Articulate Review and the SME reviewed it and then went back to review it again but she couldn't. Can reviewers only review the module once and how can I change it so they can review as many times as they would like? Thanks.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Annie!  Thanks for posting your question.  Your SMEs should be able to play your content in Review as many times as they'd like, as long as the content is still there and at the same share link that you generated.

Do you know what happened exactly when she went to review it again?  Did she get any sort of message?  Did the course just not play?  Also, any internet browser information you can grab will be a handy clue for us too.  We released an update including a cool new comment feature, but I wouldn't expect anything to change in terms of course access.  If the timing is suspicious, however, let us know!  

If you'd like to share your Review link for us to test, we'd be happy to have a look.  You can also start a case with our support team to pass that information along.

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