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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lesley, 

I'm glad you're loving getting feedback through Review, and it sounds like you've got some active SMEs, which makes for a lot of emails! Luckily we're working on an Email Digest feature, and it's expected to be rolled out in Q1 '17. So in the interim it sounds like the Gmail filters may tide you over and once we've got that feature in place you'll have it right away! We'll be sure to update the Articulate Review version history and we provide updates in ELH posts or replies as well. 

FSMTB Continuing Education

I would love it if there were a feature to turn off this function entirely. I'm currently swamped with emails. One of my collaborators made seven comments on one project, and I got seven emails. I needed zero emails, as I can just go to Review myself and see them. It's really overwhelming.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Valorie, 

I totally understand the emails with comments taking over your inbox - not to worry, our team is hard at work on a feature that would allow you to choose an "email digest" of comments or the ability to turn them off completely. It's slated for release during this quarter, so we'll keep you posted once that goes live, and you'll see it in Review right away! 

Chris Burns


I can't wait for this feature. I'm just testing 360 at the moment, with myself and just one collaborator commenting on one module - and the sound of my phone pinging is already driving me loopy! In real life, with six or more people commenting on nine separate modules, I would be snowed under with emails!

Chris Burke

Hi all, 

I think the Review functionality is excellent in a306, but the emails are a deal breaker for my customer. My Subject Matter Experts barely have time to review my courses, let alone set up an Articulate Account and adjust their notification settings. I think having the course 'owner' (author/developer) control the notification options for all users/reviewers would be a better option. In my opinion,  'opt in' would be preferred to the current 'opt out' option. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sean,

What feature are you looking for?

The original question for this thread was about the frequency of e-mail notifications, which Ashley shared an update on here in this thread.

Brian explained here the new feature about changing the frequency of e-mail notifications within Articulate Review.

Hope that helps!

If you're looking for something else, just let me know.

karen forkish

Hi Ashley and Leslie,

This thread is a little old, so I’m just checking in to see if there has been any change in the ability to turn off email notifications for SMEs who don’t have Articulate accounts, and are drowning in emails. All of the advice I have found starts off with “Log in to your account” which doesn’t apply for these folks.

We love Review, but also don’t want to annoy our SMEs.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen,

By default, SMEs will receive email notifications for Articulate Review comments that mention their @name as well as replies to comments that they made.

As you mentioned, if they don't already have an Articulate ID, they cannot follow these steps to mute notifications. 

However, they can quickly create an Articulate ID by clicking the blue Sign In button at the top-right of the screen, then clicking Create an Account. Once they set up their email address and a password, they can then adjust Project Notification settings.