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Michele Morgan

I would like to add that our training department would also prefer to have more control over the comments/notifications. Here are specifics and reasons: 1) I would like to select whether or not to send a comment reply to a SME. Why? Many time I need to comment on whether or not I implemented an edit. I need to be specific for auditing purposes. However, if I'm replying back as to why I didn't implement the same edit in 3-4 different places, this is generating a separate email to the SME each time. Not good. 2) I'd like to be able to control whether or not the SME can see resolved comments. If I close them, there is nothing to stop them from opening them back up. This leads to endless comments and scope creep.


I have my notification settings changed to most infrequent (daily), however, I get the exact same daily email summary at least 6 times.  On Saturday, I got the summary email 10 times.  This is insanely annoying and kind of obnoxious.  I've set up a filter through Gmail to mark the messages as read and to delete them as soon as they come in so that I don't even see them anymore.  When I'm in the middle of reviewing a course and receiving feedback, believe me, I do not need reminding to check for new feedback!  I can only imagine how frustrated my SMEs feel when they leave 2 dozen comments and received 2 dozen emails in response to my comment responses.  Should be an easier way to turn this off.  People who aren't using Articulate products don't want to create an Articulate account!

Alyssa Gomez

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