Navigation not working when published to Articulate Review but working before it's published.

Hi there.  I am new to Articulate 360 and need some help please.  I created a course in Articulate 360 some time ago.  At the time, there was no longer a need for the course (it was never published), but that has now changed.  When I preview the course, it moves from the first slide to the second.  (there is a trigger to move at the end of the timeline).  When I publish it to Articulate Review, it no longer moves.  I am using the player's navigation and/or a trigger and it's not working.  I am sure I am missing something, but have no idea what I need to do to fix this?  Any advice?

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Jeanie van der Merwe

Hi Leslie


Thank you for your response.  I've just checked this course again and for some reason the navigation is not working at all now, even when I preview it...  So I will have to do a bit more investigation.  If I still have this problem once I've had a look, I will post a new message.  (So this thread can be closed).