New Articulate Review feature - Comment without Account

Hi Everyone,

We just released a much-requested feature to Articulate Review...the ability for comments to be posted without requiring an Articulate ID account! Now posting a comment is practically frictionless for your stakeholders. The reviewer simply provides their email address when posting a comment:

The option to "Allow comments without signing in" option is now the default setting. Simply uncheck that box within the Share menu if you wish to require sign in with an Articulate ID.

We hope this enhancement makes it even easier to collaborate with your stakeholders. Please give it a whirl!

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Derick Young

Thank you Leslie. I did test with another email and everything worked the way it should. Guess my personal email was associated, but I was able to create another test email. The other user already had an account too, which I learned after my initial comment. Thank you again for the quick reply!