My client likes the published Word version because I put the narration script in the Notes. So they can see a thumbnail of the screen and the script right below it. They really like using Review, but miss being able to see and mark up the script. Any thoughts of adding the notes as an option? Or do you have another suggestion?

By the way, having Review alone will be worth the price of 360. Great update!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Steve! So glad to hear you're enjoying Articulate Review - we love it, too! Reviewing the text within the slide notes is currently not a feature of Articulate Review, but I think it's certainly an idea worth passing along to our team in the form of a feature request. We take your ideas and suggestions seriously, especially since we plan to roll out updates to Articulate 360 pretty frequently!

As a workaround in the mean time, have you considered adding the narration transcript to the left-side pane of the player, just for review purposes?

Steve Brimley

Oh, the things I learn. I don't really like using the side menu, so I always turn it off. So I never noticed that I could publish the notes like that. Awesome. That gets us almost all the way there. Now, what would be nice is to be able to make review comments to that text (like track changes in Word). Then I'll be satisfied. :)