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David Mankin

We recently posted a course for review with our customer.  We set them up with accounts, and have multiple reviewers set to Mute Project, which we confirmed.  In our preliminary testing for the review process, we were surprised to find that the setting had switched back to post notifications.  I know that each individual can control this setting for themselves, but the fact that multiple (most, but not all) of our customer accounts had flipped the notifications setting back to the default is a little disconcerting.  I understand that they may have actually done this, but it seems unlikely, and we will investigate.

Is there any known reason, or has anyone ever had this setting unexpectedly change without intentionally changing it?



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Dave and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your question and concern.

The Mute Project feature is for users to set their own notifications.

It sounds like you created the logins and set the notifications for the project. I've not seen reports of this setting changing, so the users may have done so.

If you find anything in your investigation, let us know.