Problem with text display in Articulate Review on MacOS

We have an amazing phenomenon with Articulate Review on Apple computers: While our WBT runs error-free on a Windows computer, individual words are missing on individual pages on the Apple computer.

Does anyone know this phenomenon?
Is there an explanation and above all a solution?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Peter. It looks like the heading is missing on both of those slides in the Apple images. I have a couple of questions to see if we can get to the bottom of this behavior:

  • Which browser(s) are you using on the Mac?
  • Do those slides use a layout with a text box placeholder? If so, what is the formatting of the placeholder text?

If it's easier to share your Storyline 360 file with us, we're happy to test it with your permission. Just use the Add Attachment link here and include the link to this discussion. We'll delete your file when we're done troubleshooting!