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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Thanks for sharing the file - I'll give it a test right now. 

How are you trying to publish? Articulate 360, web, LMS,? I just want to try and replicate your steps as closely as possible. 

Also, can you let me know the directory you're publishing too for web/lms? We recommend publishing to your C: drive to prevent odd behavior and interference from network/shared drives. 

I'll be back in touch after I do a little publish testing! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Janet - Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. Seems Ashley and I both dove right into your file.

I was able to publish your file as expected and simply utilized the setting you had set to publish to Articulate 360. You can view my published file here.

That being said, I would advise a repair of your Storyline 360 to see if this alleviates the issue you are seeing with publishing.