Publishing to environment similar to Review 360

Aug 16, 2020

Hello all,

So here's my situation...I've created a course using Presenter and would like to share it with our client base using Review 360, but we don't want them to see the top banner (Previous versions, Review, Feedback, etc.). We have an LMS, but not everyone has access to it, so that won't work.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I would be able to accomplish this?

Thank you!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Lyor!  Is the reason you want to share it with them in Review 360 so that they can provide feedback?  Or are you simply trying to use Review 360 as the mechanism to get the Presenter output to them so that they can see it?  If you're just trying to use Review 360 as the mechanism for your client to see the course, you could instead try publishing for web, and here are some options:

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