Quiz only showing one question in review mode

In a course I'm working on, the quiz doesn't run though, it only shows one question, with the red "incorrect" bar below, as if it's in review mode. Then you click go ahead and it ends the course. When I preview it in 360 it's fine, but when I shared it in Review it had this issue. Any ideas? I can't attach it because it is too large.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

Have you chosen to review only incorrect answers or are you looking to review all quiz questions? 

You can tell by looking at this trigger:

If you want the user to review all the quiz questions, then you'll need to choose Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing.

Let me know if you've already made this change and still only viewing one question!

Athletics Canada

As I read my orginal statement, I can see how it would be misinterpreted. I'm not actually in review mode yet. The user is supposed to start a quiz, but in place of the quiz, I get one review slide. This is only showing up in Review 360, when I preview the scene in Articulate I don't see this.

Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing those details and good call to get a case started with your file! I see my teammate, Hazel, has done some initial tests and is reaching out internally for some additional support.

Hold tight while they do some further digging into the issue. They'll reach back out as soon as possible!