Recent Update and Rise360 thumbnails issue (related?)

I have been publishing a series of courses for review by my SMEs. There are approx. 18 of them. Prior to this week's Articulate 360 update, whenever I published to Review360 from Storyline360, the Review360 "thumbnail" was clear. Yesterday, when publishing revisions of the same courseware, the Review360 thumbnails are grainy (with the exception of 3, which somehow rendered correctly). Note the "updated" date in attached screenshot. Can anyone else duplicate this or tell me what might be wrong? This isn't what I want me SMEs when they go to review their content. Many thanks in advance! Happy Holidays. Linda

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Katie Riggio

Happy Thursday, Linda!

Yikes, I haven't seen that happen before and appreciate you bringing it up. I've done some testing using Storyline 360 (Update 35), where the thumbnails look crisp:

Review 360

Can I confirm that you're publishing on a local hard drive? Also, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file privately by this link? I'm happy to troubleshoot further, and delete it after!

Linda Davis

Hi Katie! Thanks so much for taking some time to review my post. I am publishing to an external hard drive that is attached to my laptop. It's not a network drive, per se, just a USB-connected external, portable drive. This is how I've done all of them thus far - nothing has changed other than the software update last week. The actual Storyline file is massive, and after it was designed, developed and released for review, the business owners decided they wanted full responsive mobile, so I'm converting the whole thing to RISE360 at this point. But the SMEs are still reviewing the Storyline version until I can get it all converted, which is why I am concerned about them seeing a garbled image on their content. My Storyline 360 says it is version 3.35.21017 (I'm not sure where to find the update number).  I will try publishing to the local C: drive and see if that changes any of the behavior. If it still misbehaves, I'll try uploading the file to the location you've provided for me. 

Again, thank you so much for taking a moment to review this. It's just so bizarre!

Happy New Year! Linda