Reduced quality of course when in review

Sep 22, 2017

Hi, all our courses are 1366 x 768 and the player size: 'lock player at optimal size', when our courses are published to review we loose quality, the images and text are blurry.

I have noticed that they are about 25% bigger in the review window, and review allows scaling regardless of my settings. 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kate.  Thanks for the great description.

You're right that scaling the browser window with Articulate Review also scales your content.  There are certain player features that behave a little differently in Articulate Review, like the browser settings and resume behavior.

Do you have another hosting option (web or LMS) that you can use for final testing to make sure those features work as you've designed?  Here are some other options for you too!

Kate Doherty

Hi Crystal, 

While I appreciate your suggestions, first impressions are everything and having to tell a client the course is of higher quality than they are seeing is never ideal for many reasons.

I understand resume might work differently as Review is not an LMS but what is the purpose of Review if I cant use it for my clients to review my course at the quality It was designed at?

Thanks Kate

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kate!

I can certainly appreciate that perspective and you're absolutely correct on those first impressions.

Articulate Review, as you can read here, is more of a way to work with your subject matter experts and collaborators. Slide by slide feedback is a powerful tool for you to be able to utilize.

If you are at the final stages of presenting a polished product and not looking for that individual slide feedback, you may want to share in one of the ways Crystal shared above so that the client is presented with an experience you want them to have.

Sparkle ELearning

Hi All, I know this is an old discussion but I'm experiencing the same problem and its really annoying my clients. I can see clear images but my clients are seeing blurry images. it makes me and the product look unprofessional. I've had to change my slides to account for this issue because what they see is what they expect. if the images are blurry they want them removed. the people I deal with are not LMS users so that option is out. The review is the only option I have that is the most user friendly - besides this issue. 

Can someone please look at fixing this issue? If not, I'm afraid I might have to look for another e-learning software. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sparkle ELearning, 

I can see how that's causing a lot of extra work for you, and trouble if they're concerned about quality! 

Have you talked with your clients about the screen size they're viewing a course at or overall screen resolution? It sounds like an opportunity to educate them about how images that are scaled or resized can cause a loss of quality. From there you could determine the desired size that they'll want to view it at and design with that size in mind. 

For handling images and other media, our team has written up a bunch of best practices here that may help too. 

Another option would be to share a web link with them so that the content is not constrained within the Review frame. If you're publishing for Web, Amazon S3 is an easy, inexpensive hosting solution and we have details here on how to upload there.

Let me know if you have any other questions, we're here to help! 

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