Requiring User Login to Comment

May 23, 2017

When sharing a course in Review with a reviewer, we have the option to require them to login in order to comment. What benefits/restrictions are present that would cause me to choose one option over the other? What differences are caused by selecting or de-selecting this option?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Craig! Thanks for asking. We released this feature to streamline the feedback process for stakeholders without existing Articulate IDs.

When you have the box checked to allow users to make a comment without signing in, they’ll be asked for their email address before making a comment. If they have an Articulate ID, they’ll be prompted to sign in. Without an Articulate ID, their email address will show with their comment.

If you unselect this box, only users with an Articulate ID can make comments on your course, and their profile name will show with their comments.

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