"Resume" a project in Articulate Review?

Nov 15, 2016

Hi all, I was just previewing a fairly long training on Articulate Review and decided halfway through to click the 'feedback' tab to see what it looked like.  When I clicked back on the 'review' tab the presentation started over.  It did not prompt me to resume where I left off, as it always does when I publish to our website for testing.  

Does Articulate Review not save your progress when reviewing a file?  Or is this a setting I'm missing?

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Amanda:

I get the impression that tracking details within Review are still somewhat limited at this point.

That being said, SOME details can be included from a screen-shot perspective.

For example, when I Review a Project that contains a Slide that has Video, previewing the Video slide and then entering a comment at a particular point records the time of the video playback in the screenshot.

Beyond that, I've yet to see a lot of individual detail as to slide specifics beyond a static screenshot (being able to write/scribble notes & comments on top of a larger screenshot would be better), but putting an audio/video time point within the screenshot is a nice touch.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Amanda! You are correct - when you click the Feedback tab and then go back to the Review tab, the file you were reviewing will start over.  The beauty of Articulate 360 is that we're able to roll out updates pretty frequently, so would you be able to add in a Feature Request on the ability to resume the file where you left off?

Madeleine Rotrand

Hi Ashley,

Could you confirm that this fix has been made? I have a complex branching course that is currently set to "prompt to resume" in the player. I start watching slides in review, but when I refresh the page, I'm taken back to the start rather than to the slide I was watching. This is concerning because learners will likely take the course in many sittings.

Up to date, I've never had a course prompt me to resume in review, and I just wanted to confirm that this is an issue with review and not something I was doing wrong. 

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Madeleine and Andrea, thanks for chiming in!

In the original post in this thread, Amy mentioned clicking on the Feedback tab then back to the Review tab would cause the course to restart. We've since fixed that issue so you can toggle between the Feedback and Review tabs without having to start over. You won't actually see the "Prompt to Resume" pop-up, though. The course will simply pick up where you left off.

Including the "Prompt to Resume" pop-up in Articulate Review is certainly something we'd consider! I can definitely understand how it would be handy, especially when dealing with lengthy courses. Could you share your thoughts directly with our product team here? Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Becca,

Looks like your reached out to our support team on this one as well and Abel helped you out :)

For anyone following along:

Currently, Articulate Review will keep your place in a course if you navigate to another tab within that course link (like Feedback, for example) as how you observed. If you revisit a course during another browsing session or after closing it out, it will start at the beginning without reference to your Resume settings. 

A feature request has been submitted.

tim deegan

Our Fortune 500 company just upgraded to 360 - part of the reason was Articulate Review. We started publishing courses last week and have been unpleasantly surprised with two major issues already. We realize this is a relatively new product for you but am hoping you update a new version with the fixes sooner than later (I see this thread was last posted on 5 months ago and I'm nervous).

It's such a basic feature, we didn't even think to check if Review does bookmarking which allows the user to Resume where they left off (an option included in 360's own Player Properties window!). The courses we design for our Fortune 100 client tend to be long, need to have restricted navigation, and often include videos. Maybe you have a way around the functionality that I am seeing to make our client happy again in doing reviews. Here's an example...

I design and export a 100-screen Storyline 360 course to Review and send the link to the client. Industry regulations require us to make sure learners view all screens so the learner has to view them in order before advancing. With busy clients and long courses, they often don't finish in one sitting. Today I had to tell them that for the new 360 course I sent the link to, they will have to sit thru every video in it's entirety again and click every button on every screen again in order to get back to where they left off if they leave the course without finishing their review.

They were not pleased.

Plus, I didn't even mention to them my discovery last week that in a course containing a dozen scroll panels, publishing to Review adds considerable dead space at the end of every scroll box. The forum thread addressing this issue says it's Microsoft's fault and to use Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately our client's IT department forces the use of IE and Edge. A 360 generated SCORM of the same course displays fine in IE outside of Review, which seems to suggest a 360 to Review issue rather than a Microsoft issue.

Our client asked if there were any plans to fix these major issues and I don't know what to tell them... please help as I have a dozen more courses to get out in the next month or so!

Tim (a long time user and big Articulate fan)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tim.  We’re happy to have you, so thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.  I saw that Alyssa helped out so much that you’ve sworn your next five children to her — I guess I have some big shoes to fill!  😂

Truly, we get where you’re coming from.  Alyssa is sharing your needs with our product team.  As a workaround in the meantime, can you enable free navigation in the player menu for your stakeholders?  That way, they can jump around the course, or pick up where they left off last time.  When you publish your live version, you can always toggle back to restricted navigation for learners.

Alternatively, Storyline 360 allows you to publish the whole project, a single scene or a single slide.  Depending on your setup, you could always publish your course a scene at a time for your reviewers.

Hopefully those ideas will keep you moving!  Let us know how else we can help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip, 

Storyline 360 courses always start over when you publish them to Review 360 or embed them in Rise 360 courses. For your Reviewers, you could look at enabling the menu in the sidebar or drop down so that way they could return to where they left off. 

We haven't changed the resume behavior yet, but if we do we'll certainly let folks know! 

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