Review 360 Black Screen with Play Button before Course Opens

Hi All - I am having an issue with a course in 360. When I first posted my course(s) they auto open on my first slide. Now that I have added audio to the first slide I see a black screen with a play button before I open my course. I do NOT want my stakeholders to see this screen, especially since they have already viewed the course without this screen appearing. 

I thought I would try another form of media to see if I could replicate the black screen. I went into another course and added video the the first slide and the same thing happened! When I remove the video (or the audio) the problem is resolved. 

Anyone else have this issue? How did you resolve?

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Anthony Goss

This is default behavior on ALL mobile devices (tablets and phones) and on desktops if audio plays on the first slide.  The workaround for desktop is to have a slide that does not have audio that autoplays on the first slide.  This can't be avoided at all on mobile.  I have begged for a way to change the look and feel of this screen, but I have been told that this is not high priority on the roadmap.