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Jose Tansengco

Hello Lori, 

Users do have the option to export comments from a Review 360 course, but importing them into a different Review 360 course is not a feature that is currently available. I recommend raising this as a feature request to our product team, to let them know that this is a feature that you are interested in seeing in future releases of Review 360. 

Our customers drive our product roadmap, and your suggestions really do make a difference!

Jennifer Hancock

I agree. Importing the .csv file to a new review link would be wonderful.

Does anyone have any ideas for sharing files? For example, I just went on vacation and my team had to republish my Storyline file for client review. We had to send a new link and copy/paste every comment to the new link because no one could republish (as me).

Besides sharing one account, or sharing passwords so we can log in as one another to republish, is there any other workaround?