Review 360 new versions following feedback

Apr 09, 2019

I have a few questions about Review 360, that I'm wondering someone could help me with:


  1. When you have received feedback from a stakeholder and have made the changes they have requested. Once you have updated the version on Review, is the web link which is generated the same as the one which I would have originally sent to the stakeholder or is it different
  2. When you resolve a piece of feedback from a stakeholder I know this hides it from your view, but does this also hide it from your stakeholders view as well?




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Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, Tom! Happy to help. 

  1. When you republish a course to Review 360, you can select the option to Publish a new version of an existing item. This will ensure that the URL web link does not change.
  2. Resolving feedback will hide comments from stakeholders, but you and stakeholders can still view all resolved feedback in the Feedback tab. 

Let me know if you have any other questions about Review 360!

Pam Lee

Similar question:  Why do the feedback thumbnail images remain the same when you select New version of existing item"?   I made updates to the course in Storyline 360 and saved the .story file as  Version 2. Then, I published V2 to Review 360 as "New Version of an Existing Item". The Feedback tab shows the OLD images, without my updates.  The Review tab DOES show the updates. This is an assessment and there are about 50 slides, and the reviewer has to go through every single slide to see the updates. For example the updates were on slide 43 and 48, the reviewer had to  go through 1-43 before seeing it. I was hoping they could quickly go to Feedback and see the changes & thumbnails. I am using Microsoft Edge.

Pam Lee

Thanks Phil! Okay, I was hoping that the feedback picture would change when I republish as a 'New Version of an Existing item'. So the only way for a reviewer to see their edits in Feedback thumbnails, is to republish in Review360 as New Item, and copy the original comments to the new URL, (as original comments will be lost). This is an assessment (no navigation) and I didn't want the reviewers to have to so through the entire assessment just to get to their edits.