Review sometimes shows screenshot from another slide


I'm using review with my clients to gather their feedback and I've noticed that since some time, the comment to let's say slide 1.4 have screen of slide 1.5 (which is not even commented). First I thought it's always +1 slide, but today I've noticed also +2 offset and the same screen duplicated (2.8 have a comment and screen of 2.10, and 2.10 have a comment and identical screen as 2.8 but this one is actually the proper one).

I've also checked the source of the screens and they are different images, not the same image showed twice. 

Can you check this? It's not some lifechanger, but sometimes can be quite confusing (now I'm correcting translated courses, so it's a little worse :))

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Mateusz!

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! We have a similar bug logged for Rise 360 in Review 360 when using Chrome for Mac. Do you know which browser your reviewers are using to view and comment on your course?

I'll go ahead and report this as a bug. I'm sorry this is affecting your workflow. I'll keep you updated in this discussion!