Review Tool Functionality

Hi Heroes,

I've been testing it, but I'm still a little unclear about how a few things work in the review tool.

1. I know we can't assign review items directly to someone (which would be awesome to have), but I'm trying to notify them through an @mention. This is because we have multiple reviewers who take different roles in completing review items. I've successfully @mentioned one person in my test, but was unable to see the second person/email as a list option. How are email addresses added to that list?

2. Since we have reviewers handling specific types of change requests, we would like to categorize our review items. I know it doesn't currently have that functionality, but is that on the radar? 

3. Is there a plan to include workflow status indicators for the review items? The way it works now is New and Resolved. Our workflow process includes In progress (needs follow up), and Completed (change completed, but not verified). For us, Resolved means it was verified by the requestor. 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tammy!  I'm so glad you're using Articulate Review, and I'd love to help make it work for you.

  1. When you start typing "@", everyone who has already commented on the current project appears in the list. And if you’re a member of an Articulate 360 Teams account, all members of your team also appear in the list.  More details on that here.
  2. and 3. When you say "Review items," are you referring to your courses, or to the comments in a particular course?  Just in case you mean courses, Articulate Review now has folders to help organize your courses!  

    Otherwise, thanks for sharing these ideas of tagging feedback with different statuses, and organizing the feedback by function. 

I'll share this with my team so we can keep you updated with any enhancements we add to Articulate Review!