Reviewers are getting 'kicked out' of Review

Hello Happy Heroes! Some of my reviewers are telling me that they're getting kicked out of the Articulate Review that I set up for them. I've gone through the module myself (Mac, Chrome) without issues. My clients are using Internet Explorer (11) on Windows 7 Enterprise. It seems to work well for them for a bit, then kicks them out (their description), at random locations and they have to start over. 

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a solution? 

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Margareta Håkansson

Hi. My reviewers have about the same problem as above. They (had to) use Internet Explorer when reviewing. At random points the course "freeze" and it is not possible to proceed, go back, use the menu or make notations. When renewing the page it is starting all over again. Is there any solution?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Margareta and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that your reviewers are experiencing an issue as well. I took a look at Jane's case referenced above and it looks like we were not able to duplicate the issue.

I have seen an issue reported when there are many versions and comments on the review content. Does that sound like it may be what you are seeing as well? Would you be able to share your Review link for us to take a look? If you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.