Reviewing courses when a few developers work on it

Hi there,

I work as a team member (not admin). I see my team. But there is only one thing I can do as a team member - to see the list of team. Is it a glitch?

What I'd like to do - to invite some of members for review, but I can't. I have to copy link and and send it using another messenger.

One more thing. I work on the courses together with another developer who is a team member as well. There are courses published by him with other team members comments. I make changes on the course and I would like to publish it as the next version of the same course. How can I do this?

I'm sorry for such a question about the basic functions. I just can't figure out how I can do this. Could anyone please explain how it works?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tania!  Thanks for sharing what you need from Articulate Review.

Currently, when you publish an item to Articulate Review, it will go to your own Articulate Review dashboard.  There, you can grab a link to email or otherwise distribute to your peers to review.  Check out our Articulate Review user guide!

We are really interested in your feedback, however, so I'm adding your discussion to our feature request for enhanced Teams collaboration features in Articulate Review.