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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Joshua for sharing the link to your course on Review! I couldn't see any of the feedback thumbnails there as you noted, and I tested it myself by commenting twice and once it worked and once it didn't (I've since deleted those comments so that they didn't clutter up the screen for you). 

I'm going to have our Support Engineers take a look at this Review link as well, and I'll start a case  on your behalf so that they can follow up with you there. Also in case you don't want the Review link here in the public forums feel free to remove it. 


James Eifler

That is really terrific Ashely! I updated and it works. Question on the Update 26 of Storyline 360 page...perhaps this fix could be added there? I wouldn't have known about it from reading the update notes, so I'm really glad that you posted here! I typically do read these notes to get an idea of what's been fixed or other issues I didn't even know about.

Possible enhancement: when it does capture the screenshot thumbnail, it would be very, very, very beneficial if it could also capture an image of the playbar in the player. That way, I would be able to quickly pinpoint where in the demo (screenshot + relatively close playbar location) the feedback is referring to.

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James, 

I'll double check with my team on why that fix wasn't included. Often if they were only reported by a few individuals we leave it out of the release notes. We do always update any linked forum discussions and support cases to let folks know of a fix. I'll let the team know that the lack of including it in the release notes threw you off! 

As for the enhancement, that would help so that you had a bit more info on the timestamp of the video? I can pass that along to our team too! 

James Eifler

Ah, thanks for the info on the release notes. I didn't know that.

Yes, essentially, timestamp info would be terrific. That way I would know where in the video to look for the comment. If I have a few videos, then I can look at the screenshot and go "find" where the comment is in the application I used to create the video. But when I have 20 - 50 videos, I can spend a lot of time just finding the spot where the comment is. Having timestamp information would be awesome here.  Thanks!