See Number of Views for a Module?

Jan 24, 2017

Hi all, we're currently hosting a demo module on Articulate Review as a sales piece for potential clients. We'd like to be able to see how many times the module has been reviewed.  Is there any sort of view counter for modules on Articulate Review so that we can estimate whether the module is helping with our sales? If not, is a view counter in the works?


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Amy Lewis

Hi Matthew, thanks for the links. It looks like the Storyline solution requires editing the story.html file. However, there's no published editable story.html file generated when publishing to Articulate 360. Are there any analytics products you know of that don't require editing the .html file, or any way to track it that I could build into the module itself? (Articulate 360 doesn't interpret SCORM or AICC data as far as I know).


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