Slow mobile and tablet performance when publishing to Articulate Review 360

Hi everybody,

Here's a wee game I made in Storyline:

It works as intended when viewed on a PC, but on mobile and tablet it slows down pretty drastically so as to render it unplayable. The game itself has hundreds of variables, state changes and whatnot so perhaps there's too many calculations for mobile devices to cope.

I tested the game on IOS and Android and noticed marked slowdown on both platforms. 

Is this something others have noticed in general?









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Vincent Scoma

Hey David, 

What an awesome way to use Storyline! I had a lot of fun with the game! 

I tested the game on an iOS device and found that it played really well on mobile. More specifically, it was an iPhone 7 using Safari as my browser. 

May I ask what devices/web browsers you were using when testing the game? Also, may I ask if you could share a Screen Recording of what is taking place? Depending on your iOS, iPhones/iPads have a built-in Screen Recorder you can use. 

David McEachan

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your kind words! I built this as a fun way to boost traffic to our LMS at the Scottish Government Agriculture Directorate and it's been pretty popular. 

The game works perfectly on desktop PC and by all accounts, Apple phones seem fine too. 

The pattern of slowdown seems to be with Android mobile devices. I'm using a Galaxy S6 phone running Android 7.0. I've also seen it running slow on a Galaxy A6, Galaxy J6 and a Moto G5, all running Android 9.0.

I have tested it on different networks, including superfast (200MB) broadband and the slowdown issue remains.  I've attached a video of what happens on my phone. You can see the game becomes pretty much unplayable half way through.

I've uploaded the .story file under case #01938850 (which I raised when I thought nobody was going to read this!)



Vincent Scoma

Hey David,

I am glad to hear that your game has been pretty popular! 

Thank you for sharing your video as well as the case number. Based on the video you attached, I do see the slowdown you were mentioning. I also ran a few tests on various Andriod devices running Android 9.0 and found the same behavior. 

I appreciate the added context here, and I have updated your case for our Support Engineers. You are in good hands with our Support Engineers and I will continue to follow your case as well. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!