Sorting and Grouping Courses on the "My Content" page

Jan 23, 2017

Are there any updates in the works where we can sort the content (by name and/or published date) and even "group" or create folders for courses?

I currently have one course with 4 modules, and I have them published twice (two different review processes). So I have at least 8 files that are in no particular order. Maybe by upload date, but even with i republish that doesn't change the order of the content. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erin,

I'm happy to hear you're loving Review! We've got folders for organization within Review on the roadmap but not ETA yet. For myself I've been using the browser search feature (on my Mac + Chrome it's the CMD + F keystroke, and then type what I'm looking for) and that way I'm able to track down the course or Peek video I'm looking for. 

Hope that helps in the meantime and we'll keep you posted on that feature! Also, just in case you didn't see the other announcement,  Review now has the email digest feature so you can determine how often you get emails about comments made on your Review courses. 

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