Storyline 3 vs Storyline 360

May 04, 2017

Hi Everyone

My organization has been using Storyline 2, it is about that time of year where I have been given a budget to purchase the latest version. I have managed to compare S2 and S3 however I don't know the pros or cons with S3 and S360.

Can anyone help me and let me know which one I should purchase, we use Ipads for our eLearning for our site based team but most of the eLearning is done on laptops or PC.

The most important features for me is to have interaction in my courses and to be able to customize the features.

Please help me out before I regret my decision.


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Kevin Handy

I'm looking at the two but don't find an actual case study or narrative write-up about Articulate Storyline 360 vs. its predecessors. This table is quite prominent. Articulate is using it "heavy up". Frankly the lack of links detailing the new features with examples is, well, frustrating. Also I'm a bit surprised at Articulate because creating an argument for adopting their software during rushed budget times is pretty typical. Most organizations have a certain time of the year when managers, directors and vp's often say, "people, I need your wish lists. Tell what you need and why you need it.". That's not just one organization. I would say nearly every manager in every organization I've been in has asked this - if the organization is one of any size at all. Very small outfits are aiming for cost avoidance but medium and large organizations want to see some huge gains from software changes or else their stock answer is no. You'd think Articulate would anticipate this and arm the "feet on the street" with a whole packet to help them instead of one measly table with no links that frankly isn't much use. Just a private observation.

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