Storyline 360 - Multiple Drag and drop activities in one course are not working

I've created a course with 5 different scenes.  Each scene has a set of quiz screens and a results screen.   I have used a drag and drop activity in each of these scenes.  The drag and drop activity allows the user to try this drag and drop activity 3 times (if they get it wrong the 1st and 2nd time)  before it moves on to the next screen.

In the first scene it works perfectly.  However, when I go to the second scene and do the drag and drop activity it treats this as though I am only allowed one try and then moves on to the next screen.  

I've checked all of the variables, and everything seems to be correct.  And when I publish just each scene individually they work on their own.  it's only when i publish the entire project that the drag and drop variables don't work.  I thought if I changed the names of the variables in each scene to something different, i.e.: try_A, try_B, etc. that would help.  but no luck. 

anyone experienced this before and have found a solution?

Thanks, Rhonda


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing your file with me! I see that you're using the same "Try" variable on each of the drag and drop slides. 

After the learner visits the first drag and drop slide and retries the interaction 2 times, the Try variable is now equal to 2. The value of the Try variable remains at 2 when the learner visits the next quiz slide. 

You actually don't need the Try variable at all, since Storyline has a feature that will allow you to set the number of attempts. 

I would suggest removing the Try variable and all of the triggers associated with it. Then, set the correct number of attempts in Form View. Storyline will automatically show the Try Again and Incorrect layers based on the number of attempts you set.

Rhonda Lemmon

Hi Alyssa, I tried removing the try variables as well as the triggers and that didn't work. when I click submit nothing happens. It's supposed to pop back to the beginning of the timeline with all of the choices back in order.

are you able to send me one the file with the correction made to one of the sections? Maybe I deleted something I shouldn't have.

thank you,

Rhonda Lemmon
Instructional Design

Rhonda Lemmon

Alyssa,  getting closer, I have removed the triggers and the Try variable, and the activity works for it to pop back to the beginning of the timeline.  However, it continues to loop even after trying the activity 4  or more times.  it should forward to the next screen after the 3rd try.   

I'll continue to work on it.  between the two of us we should be able to figure this out!  thank you for your help.  Rhonda


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the updated file! Since you are using the "Reset to Initial State" setting in Slide Properties, the interaction is reset each time the learner closes the Try Again layer. In other words, the learner will have unlimited attempts.

I now see why you were initially using variables, since you mentioned that you want the drag objects to reset to their initial positions. If you decide to go back to using variables, be sure you use a different variable for each drag and drop slide. 

For example, instead of using the variable "Try" on every slide, create multiple variables like Try1, Try2, Try3, and so on.

Rhonda Lemmon

Alyssa,  I got it to work, changing variables in each of the scenes to something else, this may be what you were telling me that I needed to do.

variable names changed to Try_A, Try_B, etc. and then updating the triggers with the changed variable names.  it seems to be working.  hopefully nothing will break!

My next hurdle is to get the overall results slide to work with the 5 different scenes...wish me luck!

Thank you so much for your help today! 

Rhonda Lemmon


I have tested all 5 scenes, and they all work, and the overall results slide presents me with the correct overall score!
Now, I'm just looking for a way to have the course go to the 'Overall results" slide if the user has visited all scenes and taken all 5 quizzes.
Currently I have a button on the home screen, which brings them to their results. I am looking on the community to see if someone has figured this out already.

Once I have that sorted out, I can proceed to the other 9 degree programs!

Rhonda Lemmon
Instructional Design