Storyline 360 Review not showing course as it's built

Hi there

I have created a course in Storyline 360 and have uploaded for review but my internal colleague and the client are not seeing the course as it runs in preview mode. Text is appearing on the screen before images and forward arrows to enable the learner to move to the next page are not showing at all.

Please could somebody take a look at this for me. I do not want to upload the link and the file here as it is client confidential. Please advise where I should upload it.

If you could come back to me as quickly as possible as we are on a deadline with the client.

On another note - when the client does review, their comments do not always show next to the slide they are commenting on which can be really confusing. Has anybody else experienced this please and is there a fix?

Many thanks


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Ali Goulet

Hey Alena!

I'm sorry you're running into these issues! You can reach out to our team privately over here to share your file and Review link-- our Support Engineers will be more than happy to investigate these with you. 

Once you do that, be sure to share your case number here and I'll follow along with it!